Tempe, AZ Community

Tempe is a major suburb of Phoenix and is located immediately southeast. The upscale suburb of Scottsdale is to the immediate north of Tempe, Mesa is to the east, and Chandler is to the south. The home of Arizona State University and the Sun Devils, Tempe has a population of 165,796 as of 2005.

The city was named Tempe in 1879 by Darrell Duppa, an Englishman who is also credited with naming Phoenix 11 years earlier. The sight of the Salt River Valley near a 300 foot butte reminded him of the Vale of Tempe near Mount Olympus in ancient Greece.

Tempe was first founded in 1871 when Charles Hayden built the first building on his homestead, which he had applied for in the year 1870. Today the city encompasses approximately 40 square miles, and is a thriving college town with many recreational facilities and numerous shops and restaurants. It is the most densely populated city in the state.

The Salt River runs through the northern part of Tempe. The river is damned in two places to create Tempe Town Lake, which is host to numerous activities, including a huge Fourth of July celebration each year.

Tempe is generally flat with the exception of some buttes. Hayden Butte (locally known as A Mountain) and named after Carl Hayden is located next to Sun Devil Stadium. Twin Buttes and Bell Butte are found on the western edge of Tempe and Papgo Park is on the northwest side of the city.

A college town, Tempe is an ideal location in which to own investment properties. The University attracts students from all over the country, both for its record of excellence in education and sports and for the year-round sunshine.