Litchfield, AZ Community

Litchfield Park is a planned residential community located just 16 miles west of central Phoenix. It is just north of Interstate 10 and has easy access to Phoenix. There are winding pathways for walking and jogging, giving the town a “pedestrian friendly” quality and a small town, casual feel.

In 1916, Goodyear Tire and Rubber purchased farm land to grow Egyptian long-staple cotton to be used in tire cords. Paul Litchfield, an executive with Goodyear, was chosen to develop the project. The town was named in 1926. From 1931 to 1944, the town was also the test site for Goodyear auto, truck, and tractor tires. In the 1960’s, Litchfield Park designed a master plan for development, including self-sufficient villages.

The current population of Litchfield Park is approximately 4,000. The streets are shady and many of the neighborhoods are mature. With the tremendous number of trees in Litchfield Park, it has earned the title of “Tree City USA”. The White Tank Mountains are located to the west of the city, which was incorporated in 1987.

A popular destination for many school children across the state, is the Wildlife World Zoo, located in Litchfield Park. The zoo has exhibits that allow students to feed giraffes and birds. It is home to a rare white alligator, which draws many curious visitors each year.